Simply put, our condo becomes your puppy's home/go-to-place for sleeping, eating, and "pottying" so that   1)  your puppy's needs are met as they arise  - and-  2)  pet care (chore) time is minimized, taking just minutes a day.

As your puppy quickly learns to return to his bathroom for potty time, he is given more freedom to roam further.  Many times while going about our activities, we will notice Max quickly heading to his condo to drink, use his bathroom, or have a snack.  He is a very contented Mini Schnauzer because he "runs his own life":  drinking when he is thirsty, going to the bathroom when he feels the urge, having a snack when his tummy alarm goes off, etc.  Our condo system has made having a puppy so easy, eliminating the hassle of potty training, the drudgery of cleaning up messes, and the schedule of running him outside to potty.  Now, if our plans change while away from home during the day, we know that he is doing just fine in our home with his Condo nearby! 

Younger puppies (especially those under 12 weeks of age) learn their areas within the Puppy Care Condo quickly.  One young couple who purchased two miniature pugs wrote that their puppies learned to potty in the bathroom in a matter of just 24 hours.  The owners were extremely happy not having to arise at 5 a.m. in the morning or putting their friends outside multiple times per day (especially in bad weather).

Puppy Care Condo's unique design includes two separate units connected by a specialized hallway.  The totally enclosed rear unit (the bathroom) has a
top access hinged/latchable door for simple removal of urine and/or feces.  The kitchen/bedroom unit is designed for comfort while puppy eats and sleeps.  This unit also has the top hinged/latchable door for convenience in caring for your pet's needs.  The water and food bowls may be easily moved/mounted in this area and are adjustable in height and easily detached for cleaning/filling.